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Fine cookies with nuts

Fine cookies with nuts

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Diced margarine is placed in the preheated oven to soften, not to melt at all.

Mix with the sugar until frothy, then add the yolk, vanilla essence, grated orange peel and flour sifted with baking powder. A non-sticky dough is obtained, which can be shaped into balls smaller than a walnut.

The egg whites are foamed a little with a pinch of salt, then each ball of dough is passed through the foam, after which it is rolled through the ground walnut. Place them on the tray lined with baking paper and make a hole in the middle of each with your finger, in which you will put jam, jam, chocolate, etc.

Bake for about 15 minutes on low heat.

Good appetite!

PS. I got 35 cookies out of the given quantities.