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Sandwich Legendary Tweet

Sandwich Legendary Tweet

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Fry the egg in a little oil so that the yolk remains soft.

Cook the onion rings according to the instructions on the package.

Cut the baguette lengthwise and grease with mayonnaise. Place the salad leaves, then the egg, cheese, chicken, jalapeno, onion rings and Sriracha. Cover with the other half of the baguette and eat immediately.

Two sandwich recipes that you definitely want to try

Guess my riddle: What is the only dish that does not require more than 5 minutes to prepare, does not require who knows what ingredients, is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere and, moreover, helps you pass successfully an exhausting day of work? Is simple. a sandwich.

The most beautiful part in preparing one sandwich is that, practically, you have innumerable possibilities. That way, you can't get bored of it. If you are tired of a guy, you can always replace an ingredient and something else comes out.

Let's make two together sandwiches delicious.

We start with chicken sandwich. For him you need:

  • 8 slices of bread
  • 250g chicken
  • One tomato
  • It was salad
  • 1 cucumber

Chicken should be cut into slices as for slices. Here you have two options: either put the chicken in breadcrumbs and beaten egg, or just fry it. The choice is yours alone. Fry the meat and let it cool. Take a slice of bread, put on it a slice of meat, two or three slices of cucumber, a salad leaf and 1-2 slices of tomatoes. Put the second slice of bread and. ready. Your cold chicken sandwich is only good to serve.

Of course, you can venture to prepare one sandwich more pretentious. What do you think of a sandwich with salmon?


  • 8 slices of bread (this time, preferably black)
  • 2 eggs
  • Fresh cheese (look for a more pasty cheese and not very salty)
  • 150 g smoked salmon fillets or in oil
  • Fresh parsley.

Put the eggs to boil in salted water and leave them until they have a hard yolk. Then take them out, cut them in half and separate the yolk. Put them in the bowl with a few tablespoons of fresh cheese. You can also use cream cheese with greens. Take the salmon fillet and cut it into strips, then add it over the eggs and cheese. Use the mixer at a not very high stage to mix the ingredients. If you prefer more spicy food, you can get rid of a pepper powder in your composition.

When the composition is ready, spread it on the slices of bread. You can enjoy this sandwich with a slice of tomato on top, a few slices of cucumber or a parsley leaf for decoration.

Here's how to make a delicious snack. When friends come to visit unprepared, such sandwich it is very suitable for a cold aperitif per minute. Try them!

Creamy cucumber sandwich

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Mama sandwiches. A story about us ..

Last night I put my chicks to bed. Alexandru always sits on the right side, and Maria on the left side. After we finish the portion of kisses and giggles, we go to sleep & # 8230.
One rubs on one side of me and the other crowds me as well as he can.

Every night I feel like I'm making a sandwich.
But I'm melted by their crowds, especially since I feel each one. Everyone has a particle in me: a hand, a shoulder, half a head.
When they calm down, I love them even more.
In their room (where Dad has actually slept with Alexander for about 8 months) the ceiling is starry. I don't know if I set the stars for them or for me, but every night I sit crowded, motionless looking at my "sky".

Every night beside them I thank God for these miracles and ask him to take care of us. Thank you for the love and tenderness I receive and I can't believe how lucky I am.

Last night, immersed in my thoughts, the baby in the womb also made its presence felt.
I feel it best if I'm lying on my back, fixed as I was last night and I felt him squeeze his ass too. I put my palm on him and I felt everything, exactly as my palm was.
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I smiled because I had 2 chicks clinging to my body, breathing deeply in their sleep and another one breathing with me. He also moves weakly, as if telling me & # 8216I'm coming soon & # 8217.

Elvis Presley & # 8217s Legendary Midnight Sandwich Run on his Private Jet

An the night of February 1, 1976, Elvis Presley took his private jet from Graceland to Denver and back in one night because he was craving an 8,000 calorie sandwich made from a hollowed out loaf filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, one jar of jelly, and a pound of bacon. Not your average snack, priced at $ 50, this is the story of how the Fool & # 8217s Gold Loaf became the Elvis Presley of sandwiches, King of the PB & ampJs & # 8230

Late one night at Graceland, Elvis was entertaining his buddies from out of town, Capt. Jerry Kennedy of the Denver, Colorado police force, and Ron Pietrafeso of Colorado & # 8217s Strike Force Against Crime.

The Denver police who worked as bodyguards for visiting celebrities and VIPs like Elvis, would often take the stars to a favorite local restaurant called the Colorado Mine Company (pictured above), and the three men began reminiscing about a particular sandwich on the menu that had left quite the impression on Mr. Presley. So much so that the music icon decided he had to have one, right then and there.

And just like Cinderella & # 8217s pumpkin, Elvis & # 8217 private jet was waiting to take the hungry friends for a midnight snack in Denver.

Elvis & # 8217 private jet, the Lisa Marie, along with the Hound Dog II, now resides as permanent fixtures at Graceland.

The Lisa Marie, a Convair 880 named after the rock legend & # 8217s daughter, featuring a red-white-and-blue exterior, gold-plated bathroom fixtures, a stereo system, a conference room and bed, flew two hours to a special hangar in Denver where they arrived at 1:40 am.

Elvis, pictured leaving the Lisa Marie

There, they were greeted by the couple who owned the Colorado Mine Company, Buck Scott and his wife Cindy, carrying 22 fresh Fool & # 8217s Gold Loaves. They spent three hours in the hangar eating the sandwiches, washing them down with Perrier and champagne. Presley also invited the pilots, Buck, Cindy and their young cook Nick Andurlakis, who had prepared the sandwiches, to dine with them on board the Lisa Marie. When they were done, they flew back to Memphis without ever having left the Denver airport.

Aboard the Lisa Marie


Because of it & # 8217s connection to Elvis and its particularly outrageous ingredients, the Fool & # 8217s Gold Loaf sandwich became somewhat of a legend in its own and has been included in numerous cookbooks typically focused around Presley & # 8217s love of food. The sandwich was originally priced at $ 49.95, hence its & # 8220Fool & # 8217s Gold & # 8221 name, and in later years, it was priced as high as $ 65.

Photo by Karl Gehring / The Denver Post

The Colorado Mine Company has since closed, but if you're curious to try the famous sandwich, you can still find the real deal. The teenage chef who prepared the Elvis & # 8217 midnight snack back in 1976, later opened his own joint in Golden, Colorado called Nick & # 8217s Coffee, where he & # 8217s has been selling the King & # 8217s favorite sandwich for the last 30 years.

He also provides the recipe for Fool & # 8217s Gold Loaf on his café & # 8217s website, but notes that the specific jam used in the original sandwich, Dickinson & # 8217s blueberry preserves, is no longer produced today.

& # 8220This is no ordinary PB & ampJ, folks, & # 8221 writes Nick, & # 8220Eat at your own risk & # 8221. Here & # 8217s the recipe:


or 2 T margarine
o 1 loaf French white bread
or 1 lb / 450 g bacon slices
o 1 jar of smooth peanut butter
o 1 jar of grape jelly


Preheat the oven to 350F / 180C. Spread the margarine generously all over all sides of the loaf. Place it on a baking sheet in the oven.

Meanwhile, fry the bacon in a bit of oil until it is crisp and drain it thoroughly on paper towels.

Remove the loaf from the oven when it is evenly browned, after approximately 15 minutes. Slice the loaf lengthwise and hollow out the interior, leaving as much bread along the walls as desired. Slather a thick layer of peanut butter in the cavity of the loaf and follow with another thick layer of grape jelly. Use lots of both.

Arrange the bacon slices inside the cavity, or, if desired, layer the bacon slivers between the peanut butter and jelly. Close the loaf, slice and eat.

Serves one if you & # 8217re Elvis. Serves 8-10 if you're a regular person.

Using a cylinder, cut the slices of bread, and with the help of a star-shaped shaper, cut the cheese. Place a slice of bread, a slice of prosciutto and 3 slices of cheese on top. Cut a cucumber lengthwise and place a slice in the middle of the sandwich. Fix the olives with toothpicks and the sandwich for the little ones is just good to enjoy.

You can find more delicious recipes here.

Try this video recipe too

A perfect prize for a successful sandwich

This spring found us in homes, responsible and eager to get through this period. Among the indoor activities we have, we can not leave aside the passion and pleasure for cooking.

Isolation gives us continuous ideas and also the chance to put something new into practice, every day. The appetite is great when we think of delicious and pleasant-looking dishes, which we can get from colorful spring fruits and vegetables. We do not have clear answers for when we will be able to go out again, so it is best to stay home safe and, why not, to test our talent as chefs.

Together with the Elite, we have prepared a perfect contest for you. It is for those of you who spend quality time in the kitchen and see cooking as a relaxation.

The venue of the contest is our Facebook page: Zesty. What do you have to do to participate? Nothing simpler: when posting the contest, leave us in the comments the favorite recipe for the sandwich. You definitely have one that you love to prepare for your loved ones. We are curious to find out which one it is and thus, you will enter the draw for the prize offered by the Elite.

We thought of the special prize for those days when you will be able to go with your family or friends to enjoy nature. You can win a picnic basket and a shredder. Doesn't this contest sound good? You can enter only one recipe until 18.05.2020, and then we will announce the winner.

We don't know how you are, but we can't wait to exchange sandwich recipes!

Until then, you can always order sausages with perfect taste, right from the Beez app. The courier brings them safely to your door, and you enjoy the true taste of the meat.

Tuna sandwich

This sandwich is very, very VERY easy to make. The only secret is that the tone is of very good quality. There is a cheaper canned tuna, but it has no taste. Oh, and it's important to have your own juice. Not in oil or mixed with I know what miracles.


  • 1 can of tuna & icircn own juice
  • 1 red
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 2 pickles
  • 1 or
  • 1 teaspoon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower oil
  • the juice of half a lemon
  • 4 slices of p & acircine (I used graham)

Mai & icircnt & acirci I made a very simple mayonnaise, according to a method I saw at Viorel Copolovici. In an bowl, I put an egg (raw), a teaspoon of mustard, a little salt and the 2 tablespoons of oil.

I then mixed them with the blender.

I drained the tuna of the canned juice and over it I put 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, I added some pepper and the lemon juice, after which I mixed well, until it became uniform.

Then I greased 4 slices of graham with mayonnaise, in a very thin layer.

On 2 of them I put lettuce and slices of tomato.

On top of them I have pickled cucumbers, cut into thin chips.

I then put the tuna mixture with mayonnaise.

Then I put the slices on the lid, pressed a little and cut them in half.

Why the Americans called the famous sandwich "hot dog"

Why the Americans called the famous sandwich "hot dog".

On every street corner in America is a hot dog cart. People are in a hurry and choose this delicious and filling snack that can quench your hunger until you get home. Why did the Americans find this funny name, "hot dog"?

The story began in 1847, in the German city of Frankfurt. It seems that the German butcher Johann Georg Hehner invented the Frankfurt sausage, a product similar to today's hot dog.

The current form was born in Brooklyn, New York, with the first immigrants. German Charles Feltman created the sandwich in 1867 on Coney Island. He had a small business with these hot sausages put in an elongated bun.

Historians say that the name appeared in the late 1890s. The noun "Dog" in the name was a sarcastic comment about the origin of the meat. The long, thin sausages were brought by the Germans to the United States, and the Americans associated the German dog breeds with the long, slender body (Dachshund).

Among other things, the Dachshund dogs entered the United States around the same time as the sausage of German origin.

Another hypothesis claims that the name comes from the American cartoonist Thomas Aloysius "Tad" Dorgan. He drew a caricature of a dachshund in a bun. However, the caricature in question has not been preserved, so the hypothesis could be false.

The recipe has been improved in every country where hot dogs are popular. Now add onions, pickles, french fries, peppers, tomatoes, salad and whatever else the customer wants.

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