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Bad Table Manners: Celebrity Edition

Bad Table Manners: Celebrity Edition

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There she was, as People reported, actress Anne Hathaway swinging from a rail, dancing, doing shots, and misbehaving at a Boston restaurant — being a public nuisance. Another celebrity riding the express train to self-destruction. Well, all in the name of acting out a scene a few years ago for her movie Bride Wars with co-star Kate Hudson. But actual celebrity misbehavior at restaurants isn't all that rare.

The Interwebs are fertile ground for celeb gossip and celebrity restaurant appearances gone wrong well beyond reports of bad tipping. If downright schadenfreude is your thing, you won't be disappointed. From general entitlement and public intoxication to the age-old dine-and-dash, here are 20 reported cases of celebrities misbehaving in restaurants, including Britney Spears, the perennial train wreck, Courtney Love, and everybody's favorite bad boy Charlie Sheen.

Bobby Brown: The Smoking Gun reported that in 2003, the troubled singer was arrested mid-meal at a restaurant in Alpharetta, Ga. His crime? Failing to complete a substance abuse program, do community service, or submit to random drug testing as required by a sentence following a DUI conviction.

Andre Rison: According to The New York Times, the retired N.F.L. receiver was arrested for public intoxication along the city’s bar- and restaurant-lined River Walk outside the Crowne Plaze Hotel in San Antonio.

Julia Roberts: According to the National Enquirer, about two years ago the star "pounded down three Grey Goose vodka drinks in quick succession" at a Malibu restaurant appearing "exhausted and nerve-wracked" as she drank while her twins ran around the restaurant's oversized aquarium. Then again, HuffPo reported that their sources named Roberts among several celebs who often tip 100% of their bill.

Gary Collins: According to the Los Angeles Times, the actor and former TV personality was arrested after allegedly pulling a dine-and-dash on a bill of $59.35 at a restaurant in Mississippi.

Lindsey Evans: According to Fox, Miss Teen Louisiana USA and three of her friends were arrested in 2008 for leaving a Bossier City restaurant without paying their $46.07 bill.

Ed Westwick: According to the New York Daily News, last year Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick flipped out on a fellow diner in Los Feliz who claimed to be photographing his own party.

Jodeci Singer: According to TMZ, the ex-leader of the '90s R&B group Jodeci, Jodeci Singer (real name DeVante Swing) was arrested at a Subway in Burbank, Calif. for being wasted. There's footage.

Busta Rhymes: According to Courthouse News Service, last year a woman claimed in Superior Court that the rapper "hurled a glass bottle" at a diner in an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, "striking her in the back of her head and causing severe injuries."

Derrick Caracter: According to, the back-up forward for the Lakers was arrested after shoving an IHOP worker at a restaurant in New Orleans.

Nicolas Cage: Last month the troubled actor reportedly broke a window at Stella! Restaurant on Chartres Street and was then escorted by police back to his hotel room.

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