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Triumph of strawberries

Triumph of strawberries

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Very simple and good

sponge Cake: I frothed the yolks with 100 sugar and vanilla and mixed with the oil. I beat the egg whites with salt and 120 sugar. I mixed the compositions from the bottom up, then the flour, the starch, the baking powder through a sieve, the limoncello.

I preheated the oven to 180 degrees. I baked the countertop for 40 minutes


1 l of heated milk. I beat the yolks with sugar, vanilla, starch and diluted with milk, then added to the milk on the fire.

I always mixed it until it thickened, and I mixed it afterwards. I left it to cool, then mixed it with whipped cream and limoncello.


-A slice of pandispan / cream / strawberries.

-Gelatin / whipped cream / strawberries on the side


Fine and velvety, panna cotta is, from my point of view, the most spectacular and light dessert we can make at home, whatever the delicate aromas we decide to ennoble it with.

We need only a little patience and accuracy in determining the quantities depending on how many portions we want, as well as a little attention so as not to destroy the gelatin which is definitely the secret of this recipe.


  • 350 ml. liquid cream
  • 100 ml. milk
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla flavored powdered sugar
  • 200 gr. strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 150 ml. the water
  • 200 gr. sugar
  • 20 gr. gelatin (2 sachets)

In the evening, I put the strawberries sprinkled with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a plate with 200 grams of sugar. They left a lot of syrup that I am ready to use for my aromatic jelly today.

Pour the strawberries and syrup into a small saucepan, add 150 ml. water and boil for 5-10 minutes on low heat.

I put the bowl aside and strain all the liquid into a graduated cup, passing the strawberries very lightly.

I take 10 grams of gelatin which I moisturize for 5 minutes in two tablespoons of cold water, then I dissolve it in the strawberry syrup which I let it cool a little more, be careful not to be hot, and pour the composition glasses already prepared.

I put them in the fridge for at least half an hour, until they thicken in half, then I take them out and put a few pieces of strawberries on top, thus avoiding their immersion in liquid.

For panna cotta, heat the liquid cream in a bowl together with the milk and 2 tablespoons of vanilla-flavored powdered sugar.

Heat them a little, then dissolve in the warm liquid the other sachet of gelatin that I have already hydrated for a few minutes in cold water.

Leave the bowl to cool very well for at least two hours, until the strawberry jelly is completely hardened in the fridge, then pour the liquid very lightly over the jelly and let the glasses cool.

After 2-3 hours my dessert is ready to be turned over and we can serve it with fresh strawberries and sweet strawberry sauce.

Strawberry shortcakes

Check out these recipes by strawberry shortcakes and, instead of ordering, prepare the best desserts, even with your own hands! Follow the instructions in these strawberry shortcake recipes and you won't go wrong!

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    How to Make Avocado and Strawberry Salad & # 8211 Best Tips & Tricks

    1. What is the best dressing for avocado and arugula salad?

    When it comes to fruit salads, I like to use a vinaigrette as a dressing. I love the combination of sweet fruit and slightly sour vinaigrette.

    The classic vinaigrette is a traditional French dressing that is made with a 1: 3 ratio of vinegar / oil.

    What I like most about vinaigrettes like the one in avocado and strawberry salad is that they can mix and match various flavors. As long as you follow the 1: 3 ratio you can use any type of vinegar or oil you prefer.

    The classic combination is extra virgin olive oil and white or red wine vinegar. But balsamic vinegar offers a subtle sweetness and an intensity that I love.

    If you have a vinegar with a special aroma, such as tarragon or citrus, it is definitely worth a try in arugula and avocado salad.

    I like to mix the oil and vinegar in the dressing with some ingredients that intensify the flavors. I added in this light vinaigrette Dijon mustard and a little maple syrup. The slightly spicy taste of the mustard and the sweet taste of the maple syrup complete the umami aroma.

    And the most important part is that this vinaigrette is very easy to make. Simply add all the ingredients in a jar, secure the lid and shake vigorously to combine well.

    2. What ingredients can be replaced in this arugula and avocado salad recipe?

    Another reason why I love this arugula and avocado salad recipe is that it can be made with the ingredients I have on hand.

    For example, if you have other greens such as baby spinach, Romanian salad or a mix of several greens, they can easily replace arugula.

    I like the taste and texture that shredded feta cheese brings to this avocado and strawberry salad. But if you're not a fan, you can use your favorite cheese instead of feta. Crushed stilton cheese or goat cheese go perfectly with this avocado and arugula salad.

    Chopped pecans add consistency and a crunchy texture to this arugula and avocado salad. But if you don't like them, you can replace them with any other nuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews or almonds, and they all fit perfectly. Get a crunchy taste bonus if you fry the nuts.

    If you don't want nuts or hazelnuts in your salad, use pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

    3. Can we make this salad Vegan, Paleo, Whole30, or Keto?

    Of course! This avocado and strawberry salad recipe is versatile, being adaptable to many types of diets.

    To make Paleo or Whole30, do not add cheese. When making the vinaigrette, do not add maple syrup or honey. And carefully check the label on the mustard jar. It is Paleo and Whole30 only if it does not contain sugar.

    If you want to make this vegan arugula and avocado salad, replace the cheese with any type of vegan cheese you prefer. For dressing, use maple syrup instead of honey.

    To make Keto avocado and arugula salad, simply do not add maple syrup or honey to the vinaigrette. The good news is that this salad already has a proper fat and carbohydrate ratio for the Keto diet.

    4. Can we do meal planning with this arugula and avocado salad?

    This is a fantastic recipe for meal-planning. Prepare a larger amount of salad in advance and you will be ready for a whole week of healthy lunches, full of vegetables.

    And here are some things you need to know if you want to make meal planning with this avocado and strawberry salad:

    First of all, when preparing the salad, make sure that you have dried all the greens and strawberries well. Otherwise, if they are wet, they will soften faster.

    To keep the salad fresh, rinse the arugula and dry it in a salad dryer *. Then remove the leaves on a paper napkin and dry them well before placing them in meal-planning pans *.

    Also, rinse the strawberries and dry them well before cutting them and adding them to the pans. If you dry all the ingredients well, the salad will be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.

    This avocado and arugula salad is also perfect for quick lunches at work. You can divide it into airtight pans * of one serving, and don't forget to keep the dressing in a separate container, adding it only before serving.

    If you want pecans to stay extra-crunchy, keep them separate. They tend to soften slightly if kept in the refrigerator. So, prepare a bag of chopped pecans and add them before serving the salad, for a crunchy texture.

    5. Can we use frozen strawberries?

    I do not recommend frozen strawberries for this arugula and avocado salad recipe. After thawing, the strawberries will soften very much.

    Fresh strawberries are firm, have a strong aroma and are juicy! Frozen ones simply do not offer the same experience.

    If you still have frozen strawberries and do not know what to do with them, I recommend you try a sweet and colorful sorbet or a fresh fruit smoothie.

    6. What can we serve with avocado and strawberry salad?

    The fresh summer aromas of this avocado and strawberry salad go well with many dishes. It is the perfect garnish for a barbecue party.

    How good does a tender grilled chicken breast with this avocado and strawberry salad sound? A good piece of fish or even a steak would also fit perfectly.

    Or, to add even more protein to the salad, you can put some grilled or boiled shrimp on top.

    If you are a vegetarian and want to add more consistency to your salad, serve it with these baked potatoes.

    No matter what dish you choose to serve with avocado and arugula salad, I recommend you serve it with a glass of prosecco or cold rose wine. It will further intensify the natural sweetness of strawberries.

    Now I can't wait to go out grilling, and enjoy this delicious avocado and arugula salad, and a cold glass of my favorite wine. So, let's get to cooking!

    The last thing before we get to work: if you liked this video recipe, you can see several such unique and super easy recipes. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you won't miss any!

    How to prepare strawberry mousse

    How to make strawberry mousse with Italian meringue & # 8211 with hot sugar syrup?

    From 200 g of sugar and water boil a syrup until the sugar dissolves and thickens and decreases. It does not have to harden. You can test if the syrup is thin enough by dripping from it in a glass of cold water & # 8211 if the pearl-shaped drops remain on the bottom of the glass it's OK (like jam). If you have a thermometer it should indicate about 120 C.

    The egg whites are placed in a metal bowl (not plastic). Meanwhile, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until a very strong foam is formed. Add vanilla or vanilla sugar. I used the food processor but you can also use a hand mixer.

    When the foam is beaten, add the hot syrup in a thin line, while the mixer works continuously. If you use a hand mixer, it would be good to ask someone to pour the hot syrup over the egg whites while mixing. With a little attention you can handle yourself.

    Beat the Italian meringue with the mixer for several minutes, until it cools down (touching the bowl by hand, it must be warm, not hot). The foam will stay strong and become shiny. The strawberries are washed, cleaned of the tails and left to drain so that there is no water and then they are put in a bowl and pureed with a blender.

    Add the crushed strawberries to the beaten foam and mix for a few more seconds. I used to say that the foam must be cooled so as not to scald the strawberries with it.

    Strawberry foam is ready!

    How to make strawberry foam with Swiss meringue & # 8211 steamed?

    I separated the egg whites and weighed them. Not all eggs are equal! The weighing thing will help you especially if you already have the egg whites collected in a jar in the fridge and you don't know what 4 egg whites mean. So 120-135 g of egg white is perfect. I placed them in a metal bowl together with the sugar, salt, vinegar (or lemon juice) and vanilla (1 sachet of vanilla sugar). Vinegar or lemon have the role of stabilizing the meringue and their aroma will not be felt at the end. I mixed lightly with the target.


    Foodblogger at Savori Urbane. #savoriurbane

    I placed the bowl on a steam bath (bain Marie), that is, above a pan in which a little water boils slowly (2-3 fingers of water). It is important that the two vessels fit in diameter so that no steam escapes near the bottom of the bowl. I heated the egg whites with the sugar to 70 C, stirring constantly and checking the temperature with the thermometer. We do not have to go beyond this point because the protein coagulation begins and we risk making an egg white omelet. This is what the composition looks like at 70 C - whitish and fluid. It doesn't look like meringue yet, does it?

    I pulled the bowl aside and put out the fire under the pot of water. I overturned the composition in the robot's bowl (equipped with a special paddle for whipping foam) and I mixed everything for 10-12 minutes, at high speed. Doing this with a hand mixer is more tiring and may take 15-20 minutes.

    The idea is for this composition to increase 3-4 times in volume and to cool to a bearable temperature for the hand. This is how the Swiss meringue looks when beaten correctly: smooth and glossy.

    In it put the strawberry puree processed with the blender (as above) and mix carefully at low speed or with a spatula. Ready!

    Strawberry jam recipe

    Method of preparation

    For starters, wash the strawberries well and make sure you remove all the stalks. Place the strawberries in a large bowl that you will use to prepare the jam (it is preferable to be a bowl with a thicker bottom) and sprinkle the strawberries with the juice of 3 lemons. Leave the strawberries with the lemons in the bowl, mix, then add the sugar and the remaining lemon, but cut into thin slices. After the sugar and lemon juice have penetrated a little into the strawberries, put the bowl with all the jam composition on the stove over low heat.

    Stir in the jam regularly to make sure it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pot. When the strawberry jam starts to boil, you will notice that a foam forms on the surface. Remove the foam with a spatula because it concentrates more impurities contained in the sugar.

    Leave the strawberry jam on medium to low heat for about 50 minutes, then take out a small amount of jam and put it on a plate to check what consistency it has formed. If you see that the strawberry jam does not spread on the plate, then it means that it is ready.

    Take the jam off the heat and get ready to put it in jars. The jars must be clean, sterilized and perfectly dry. Put the strawberry jam in jars when it is still hot and put the lid of the jar immediately. After you have finished putting the jam in the jars, turn the jars with the lid down for about 15 minutes, to create a vacuum, and then place them in the correct position. Leave the jam jars covered with a kitchen towel to cool for a longer period of time.

    Strawberry jam

    How to grow strawberries

    The plantation is set up with freshly harvested and healthy stalons. As a planting system, strips of 2 rows can be used, with distances of 80 cm between strips and 35-40 cm between rows. There should be a distance of about 30 cm between the plants.

    If planting is done by digging holes in advance, the stolons are shaped, a large part of the leaves are removed, and the tips of the roots are cut. Before planting, the roots are introduced into a thick mud, consisting of yellow earth, cattle manure and water, in order to ensure better contact between the roots and the soil.

    Sup & # 259 crem & # 259 de c & # 259p & # 537uni

    Ingredient: 400 g c & # 259p & # 537uni, 4 tablespoons honey, half & # 259tate spoons & # 539 & # 259 walnuts & # 537oar & # 259, 50 ml sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259 liquid & # 259, half & # 259tate spoons & # 539 & # 259 vanilla extract, half & # 259 spoons & # 539 & # 259 cardamom powder

    Preparation: In a blender, pass the beans, washed and cleaned, with honey, walnuts, vanilla extract and cardamom powder, to obtain them. a cream. Then add the liquid mixture and pass it again, until it is homogenous. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours before serving.


    The protagonists of this time of year are definitely the strawberries whose flavor and freshness inspire you to all kinds of dishes that are more colorful and full of flavors.

    Therefore, I will prepare a delicious ice cream cake with strawberries and vanilla to take me as close as possible to the hot summer days where you can enjoy with a generous slice of this fine and refreshing dessert.


    • 350 ml. milk
    • 200 ml. whipped cream
    • 5 yolks
    • 150 gr. sugar
    • 250 gr. strawberries
    • 1 vanilla pod
    • 1 pandispan sheet with vanilla

    To create the base of my ice cream cake I use a blender in which I mix together the milk, whipped cream, egg yolks and sugar.

    I mix them well, then I put the obtained emulsion in a bowl which I immediately put on a steam bath.

    Mix continuously with a whisk for about 20 minutes so as to prevent the yolks from coagulating until they obtain a slightly creamy composition on top of which the tiny bubbles almost disappeared from the beginning.

    From time to time I check the temperature of my mixture not to exceed 75 °, and when it reaches the desired temperature I immediately put the vessel in a bowl with very cold water and ice which I use as a thermal shock for a quick cooling.

    While I let the sauce reach a temperature as low as possible for a few minutes in the freezer, I mix the strawberries well until I get a fine foam.

    For the second flavor of my cake, I heat 200 ml of liquid cream in which I infuse the seeds and vanilla pods for a few minutes after which I leave it to cool as well.

    Divide the cooled base very well into two equal parts, one part I mix with the strawberries, and the other with flavored whipped cream from which I removed the vanilla pod.

    I put the two containers in the freezer for 1 hour then I mix them very well to destroy the ice needles that are already starting to form.

    I use this necessary procedure to obtain a very creamy and delicate ice cream every half hour about 7-8 times until I notice the change in the texture obtained in a very fine consistent foam that is ready to be overturned in the cake pan that I have wallpaper it with plastic wrap.

    On top I place a top of a pandispan sheet with vanilla, press a little and wrap its surface well with the edges of the foil left larger, then put the cake in the freezer overnight.

    When I turn it over on the prepared plate, place a few slices of strawberries on top and add fine slices of white chocolate.

    & # x1f382 & # x1f370 & # x1f382 & # x1f370 Who doesn't want a natural, homemade dessert, fast, without baking and accessible? Strawberry Cake.

    I confess that I do not have time or patience for sophisticated sweets, which disappear from the plate as quickly as those made quickly. I prefer a healthy dessert, with natural products, preferably without baking, but which should be delicious and look very good

    I share with you a fruit cake recipe, absolutely delicious, both for adults and children.


    • a simple homemade cake
    • 500g mascarpone
    • 200ml sour cream for whipped cream
    • frozen berries
    • fresh strawberries
    • honey or coconut sugar
    • vanilla sugar

    Method of preparation

    Let the berries thaw with a tablespoon of honey or coconut sugar to leave their juice, then put them in the blender. Beat the cream with a little vanilla sugar until it becomes a whipped cream, then mix with mascarpone, berries and honey to taste. You can also add vanilla essence.

    Cut the cake into slices and place it in a cake tin, syrup with the juice left by the frozen fruit, then put some of the cream, followed by finely chopped strawberries, then add some of the cream. Place another layer of top and all the remaining cream. Garnish with fresh strawberries and leave it in the fridge overnight (ideally)

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