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Boil soup

Boil soup

First prepare the fire, place the timber and the kettle.

Peel the vegetables. Grate the carrots, cut the rest.

Cook the chopped onion in oil, add the carrot, let it cook a little, add the tomato paste, water and when the water is heated add the washed meat (cut the thighs in 2). When it boils, add the chopped vegetables

Bring to a boil over low heat, stirring occasionally

When the potatoes are cooked, add borscht and salt to taste

Bring to a boil, then add the pasta, chopped green parsley and bring to a boil.

Video: φασολάδα παραδοσιακή κλασική συνταγή της γιαγιάςtraditional bean soup CuzinaGias Κουζίνα Τζίας (January 2022).