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Lemon cream

Lemon cream

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In a bowl with a double bottom we put the lemon juice, the yolks, the sugar and the lemon peel, we beat well until it becomes like a foam after which we pass the bowl on low heat stirring constantly (not to get caught) until when, when we put the spoon , its bottom to be glazed. Then we stop the fire and let it cool and we start to incorporate the butter little by little until we finish it.

Serve next to champagne biscuits or in this case with lemon plates that we made like this:

I mixed powdered sugar, lemon juice, butter and flour, until I got a thinner paste. On a baking sheet put a teaspoon of the composition, flatten with a teaspoon until thin and put in the oven for about 5 minutes, when we take them out while they are still hot, we put them on a cylinder and let them cool. They are used for decoration but they are also consumed.

Vanilla Cream Recipe for Cakes

I have a classic recipe from the 90's, that's when I started cooking.

You will find several variants on the net, all starting from the French cream "creme patissiere".

The raw recipe is only made from milk with yolks and flour. But when we want to fill the cakes with it, to make it creamier, add butter. Without butter it's like a pudding.

We still use it to fill cakes, as I did with this one Cake with mirror icing and vanilla cream.

But, I like it the most when filling the sheets on the back of the tray & # 8211 See also my sheet recipe on the back of the tray.

As I said, I will present the classic recipe, but I mention that many times I deviate from it, depending on the budget I want to allocate to a dessert. To deviate from it means to cut off the amount of yolks. For example, the classic recipe is with 8 egg yolks per 1 liter of milk. You should know that it also works with 6, but we add more flour.

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Recipe Lemon cream for sheets

Preparation of lemon cream
Flour (starch, zeamil, calcium calico) is diluted with 100 ml of milk, added a little at the beginning, rubbing well with the back of the spoon on the edge of the bowl, so as not to form lumps. The rest of the milk with the sugar and grated lemon peel (only from the surface of the fruit) are put in a 1 1 pot to boil (but not directly on the flame).

When it first boils, add the milk rubbed with flour (after mixing once more, to homogenize), in thin streams, stirring constantly with the lime, so as not to form lumps if they have formed, the composition is mixed. , until all is dissolved and boiled 2-3 boils. After that, remove from the heat, add 50 ml of lemon juice and vanilla sugar, mix well and then cool on a bowl with cold water until the composition reaches the temperature of the finger.

Then add the soft butter, as shown in the previous recipe.
The cream is used for ammonia sheets, honey sheets, etc., baked separately, before the sheets are overlapped with the cream, leaving them until the next day to freeze, then cut into rectangles.

Lemon Cream Cake & # 8211 video recipe

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Recipe of lemon cream cake it's absolutely brilliant! I've loved lemons since I was a kid. These are some of my favorite fruits, especially since I can find them all year round. I like it so much that I also bought a lemon that I keep in pots and that really makes lemons. I use them for delicious juice, but especially for the peel. Not being treated with anything, the peel can be used in cakes and has an incredible flavor. I make juice lemonade with mint or use it from marinades for meat or salads. I always have lemons in the house and I prefer organic or at least untreated ones. Because my lemon doesn't produce enough fruit, I also buy it commercially, especially since I use it a lot every week.

For a wonderful lemon cream cake, we need a fragrant and fluffy top. I could make one classic pandispan countertop, but I wanted a much more fragrant and tastier one. I chose a countertop with butter, super fluffy and with an extraordinary taste. Being a countertop with butter, this is the most important ingredient. I used unhealthy butter Kerrygold, with 82% fat. I like it because it is tasty, and the yellow color is a natural color due to the beta carotene contained in fresh grass. The cows from whose milk this butter is made are fed exclusively with fresh grass, hence the much better taste and wonderful aroma. It is perfect for desserts being greasy.

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