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Signature Cocktail: The Spring Kiss

Signature Cocktail: The Spring Kiss

Spring and summer have a lot of iconic drinks to be proud of. Once you start hearing people order them in bars, or buying ingredients to serve the drinks in your own home, you know the season is really here. And while spring is very, very slowly creeping into our lives, it is on its way, meaning one of my favorite springtime drinks is finally here: the pisco sour.

Not familiar with the wonders of pisco? It’s a pretty remarkable spirit, and it’s perfect for virtually any warm-weather cocktail. Similar to a brandy, it is made from grapes that are fermented, distilled, aged briefly, then bottled. What I love most about this liquor is that it can easily replace a spirit like vodka in a drink, mix well with the other ingredients just the same, but also impart an interesting flavor profile that wasn’t present before. In the mood for a Cape Codder? Use pisco instead of vodka with the grapefruit juice, and you’ll see just how much better that drink can be.

This week on Sara’s Signature Cocktail, I’ll be mixing up a drink that I make all the time in the warm weather months, using fresh ingredients that I look forward to indulging in all season long. The Spring's First Kiss uses the essentials of the pisco sour, i.e., pisco, simple syrup, lime juice, bitters, and egg whites, but includes the addition of fresh strawberries and basil. This flavor combination has to be one of my favorites this time of year; the sweet strawberry is bright and fresh, and the basil has a savory bite to it that cools and balances the sweetness. The main ingredient to focus on here is pisco, which isn’t common to many but worth seeking out. For this cocktail, I chose to go with Barsol Pisco. I really love the flavor and I found that it mixed incredibly well with the other ingredients, most importantly the strawberries.

Below is my recipe for the Spring's First Kiss. Mix up one of these, take a seat on your favorite porch chair, and soak up those rays. ‘Tis the season (finally), after all. Cheers!

Sara Kay, The

Get the “it” factor. Infuse the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 alcohol trends into your spring cocktail recipes.

Culinary Cocktails

This year, bartenders are taking a cue from the kitchen. Trendy spring cocktail recipes feature bright green herbs and other unexpected foodie-approved ingredients.

  1. Rosemary Blueberry Vodka Spritzer: Rosemary adds an herbaceous twist to fresh and fruity blueberry flavors.
  2. Cucumber Infused Gin and Grapefruit Fizz: Muddle cucumber and top it with gin, grapefruit, and soda to capture springtime in a glass.
  3. Bacon Breakfast Cocktails: Say what? Bacon in a martini? Yes, and your guests will love it. Put one of these 3 bacon-forward spring cocktail recipes on your brunch menu…ASAP.

Onsite Barrel-Aged Drinks

Barrel-aging your own drinks is a beverage trend you can easily incorporate into your spring cocktail recipes. Three-liter barrels start at $150 and can be tapped right at the bar.

  1. Barrel-Aged Last Word: Created in the 1920s at the Detroit Athletic Club, the “Last Word” is a botanical cocktail starring gin, green chartreuse, and maraschino liqueur. This recipe calls for aging your concoction for 4 weeks.
  2. Aged Negroni: For vermouth lovers, this classic drink delivers bittersweet citrus flavors after being aged for a month in house. It’s one of the simpler spring cocktail recipes that never goes out of style.
  3. Barrel-Aged Vieux Carré: Bring New Orleans to your bar with this famous French Quarter recipe. First created at the Hotel Monteleone’s Carousel Bar, you can age the cocktail yourself to give your patrons a true taste of NOLA.

Local Ingredients

    : Rhubarb is a versatile vegetable that adds interesting notes – and a ruby red color – to your spring cocktail recipes. This rum drink involves a house-made rhubarb simple syrup…that’s truly simple to make. For fresh rhubarb, head to your local farmers market.
  1. Housemade Vermouth: Get super local with your spring cocktail recipes: make your own vermouth. : Check out this Buzzfeed list of signature cocktails across the U.S. Pick the one from your home state and add a twist with house-made simple syrups or infused liquors.

Signature Cocktails for Spring and Summer Weddings

At IMPACT Collective , we understand that our couples want every part of their wedding to fit their style. The cocktails you serve at your wedding are an opportunity to showcase your exquisite taste, so take your time in choosing. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of our favorite classic signature cocktails for spring and summer weddings.

By: Drizzle and Dip

If you love margaritas but are looking to try something new for your special day, this signature cocktail is perfect for your wedding. It has a classic base of tequila reposado, agave, and fresh lime juice with a twist: grapefruit juice and club soda. This sour and sweet cocktail is refreshing and full of vitamin C, which will help your guests feel energized and ready to celebrate all day.

Dragon Berry Lemonade Cocktail

By: Muy Delish

This fun cocktail is clearly Instagram ready, but that’s not even the best part. It has only three ingredients. No, you’re not dreaming, I really said three. Stir together dragon berry rum, cold lemonade, and fresh berries over ice and you’re done! You can offer this cocktail as single-serve or fill a punch bowl for your guests’ convenience. This cocktail is a lifesaver. These simple ingredients deliver a fresh and delicious twist on a summer staple that will save your time and money.

By: Kitchen Swagger

It really doesn’t get classier than a French pear martini. If you’re looking for a more elevated signature cocktail, you’ve come to the right place. This combination of pear vodka, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a pear garnish is beautifully fruity but not too sweet. Even if your wedding day weather gets a little hot, your guests will be too relaxed to notice with this refreshing drink in hand.

By: Imbible

If you thought this cocktail was just a rum and coke, you are mistaken. Though very similar, the Cuba Libre substitutes Coca-Cola for Cuban made tuKola. TuKola is made from cane sugar and presents an entirely different flavor than American Cola sweetened by corn starch. Chances are you won’t be taking a trip to Cuba to snag some TuKola, so you can opt for cane sugar cola made in the U.S.. This refreshing twist on a classic cocktail is super simple to make, and your guests will love cooling off with a tall glass of this sweet and fizzy goodness.

By: Pink Parsley

This drink is for you all you Bourbon lovers. The Porch Swing is as classic as it sounds: straight bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, honey, peach tea, and an optional cucumber mint garnish. This bourbon-based cocktail is the perfect complement to a rustic wedding. Serve this cocktail in a mason jar, and you’ll immediately feel that summer peace of mind. You can find our favorite recipe here .

If you’re stuck between a few of these options, don’t panic! This is your big day, and you get to make all the decisions. Whether you want one signature cocktail or an entire menu’s worth, you really can’t go wrong. You can work with your caterer to find the perfect mix of cocktails to please all of your guests, and you might even get to enjoy a cocktail tasting date night with your spouse-to-be. Let us know if you tried any of these signature cocktails at your wedding by tagging us @impact_collective. If you’re looking for the right team to help you build the perfect wedding, click here to set up a consultation with us and learn about all the services we offer.

Beach Drink Ideas

In addition to the drinks below, some of the seaside concoctions listed in Hawaiian Luau and Nautical drink ideas work well with a beach theme.

Remember, do not add ice to your batches of pre-mixed cocktails, instead, pour into a glass over ice. If you have room, put your signature drink mixture in the freezer, but don't forget to defrost before the party.

Single serving measurements are listed on the left and converted to parts on the right for mixing large batches.

Sex On The Beach
Rename the drink after your favorite beach or the guest of honor e.g. "Sex On Smith Beach".

Sex On The Beach - Jersey Style

Mix ingredients and serve over ice in a stemmed or highball glass.
Garnish with a skewered pineapple wedge or orange and maraschino cherry.
Add a cocktail umbrella decoration.

Note: You may optionally use only gold rum for a tasty cocktail that is much faster to prepare.

Also known as Sour Mix, this is typically a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup.
However we recommend Lime Sweet & Sour Mix for rum punch,
made with lime juice instead of lemon juice.

Lime sweet & sour mix is also used for making margaritas.

Combine ingredients in a highball or double-old-fashioned glass and stir.
Garnish with a pineapple wedge and maraschino cherry on a toothpick.

Alternate: Substitute rum for the raspberry vodka for a tasty, but much less fabulous, version.

Long Beach Iced Tea
Good option for the cocktail hour before a beach dinner party.

Combine ingredients in a double old-fashioned glass.
Garnish with an orange slice.

Alternate: Substitute orange juice for the mandarin juice, if you must.

Passing trays of Jell-o shooters make a fun party event to keep the crowd entertained.

  • 6 oz boiling water
  • 3 oz package of pineapple gelatin
  • 1/2 cup mandarin or orange sorbet
  • 5 oz coconut rum
  1. Pour the gelatin in a heat-proof bowl and add the boiling water, stirring until the gelatin is dissolved.
  2. Add the mandarin sorbet, stirring until dissolved. Let cool completely.
  3. Stir in the coconut rum until well combined. Note: The alcohol will evaporate, if you add it before the gelatin has cooled.
  4. Pour the mixture into plastic 2 oz cups..
  5. Chill until firm, 4-6 hours.

Variation : Pour liquid gelatin into an appropriate-sized pan to a depth of about 1 to 1-1/2 inch. Refrigerate overnight. Cut gelatin into one-inch square blocks.

Super cool way to serve: Cut oranges in half and hollow out pulp leaving the rind shell. Fill each orange-rind-half to the top and refrigerate overnight. Cut each orange-rind-half into 3 wedges and serve.

If you can find Cel-Ray soda, this is a revelation. Your best bet? Go to an old-school deli.

The créme de cassis in this drink adds fruity sweetness without being cloying.

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Eight Bartenders Reveal How to Make Killer ‘Signature’ Wedding Cocktails

Thanks to the craft cocktail revolution, happy couples tie one on in style when they tie the knot. “Signature” wedding cocktails are a mainstay of modern nuptials, meant to perfectly encapsulate their personalities, courtship, spirit preferences, and budget.

It’s a tall order. As Brides reported last June, Americans are getting married later in life, meaning the couple — not their parents — is likely footing the bill. Finances notwithstanding, it’s challenging to orchestrate a menu that satiates everyone from your college-roommate-turned-cannabis-farmer, to your partner’s conservative great-aunt, Sister Mary Prudence.

Cocktail lovers, take heart. We spoke to bartenders across the country to compile their tips on how to tackle wedding cocktails, from shopping to service to last call. Here are four key tactics, 30-plus recipes, and countless ideas for spirited receptions.

In Weddings, As in Life, Service Comes First

It’s unromantic, yes but what you serve and how you serve it depends first and foremost on logistics. Wedding planners suggest at least one bar with two bartenders for every 100 guests. If your event will have fewer folks behind the bar, or will be nominally staffed by your cousin, that’s cool. Just don’t pin your hopes on an elaborate, 25-ingredient signature drink with a smoked garnish for 200 guests.

“Always keep it simple,” Spencer Osburg, bar manager of Bravas Bar de Tapas in Healdsburg, California, says of wedding cocktails. “Talk to your bartender and let them come up with something that will suit you and not kill them to make.”

Cocktails like the Negroni or Sidecar can be pre-batched, so bartenders can mix them up quickly and keep lines moving. You can also customize these drinks with different spirits and seasonal ingredients.

“The bottom line is making sure your guests get the cocktail in hand,” Osburg says.

Give Your Guests (Actual) Choices

If you plan to offer multiple wedding cocktails, be sure to provide some variety for your guests, all of whom might not share your love of amaro or Scotch. An ideal assortment of signature drinks comprises different spirits, strengths, and flavor profiles.

Pam Wiznitzer, creative director of Seamstress in NYC, suggests “a Moscow Mule, a stirred whiskey drink, and something light and effervescent.”

Mules are infinitely customizable, as in this Raspberry Rum Mule, a vaguely New England-style Cranberry Mule, or the tropical Pineapple Mule.

Not a fan of ginger beer? Swap your mule for a sour, the classic combination of liquor with equal parts sweet and sour mixers.

Danielle Lewis, beverage director of GT Fish & Oyster and GT Prime in Chicago, calls sours “a good baseline. You can enhance them with fresh fruit, syrups, or liqueurs.” Well-known sours include Margaritas and Daiquiris. Personalize them with your favorite flavors (Spicy Blackberry Margarita!) or preferred spirits (Armagnac Daiquiri!).

For your whiskey drink, opt for crowd-pleasing classics like the Sazerac or Old Fashioned. “My go-to wedding cocktail is a Manhattan,” Lee Zaremba, beverage director of Somerset and Devereaux in Chicago, says. These too can be customized (see recipe below).

Be forewarned, though, that big, boozy whiskey drinks pack a punch. To prevent overzealous guests from overindulging, consider limiting the quantity of whiskey cocktails your bartenders will pour.

“I suggest a take on a French 75 using a spirit like singani or pisco instead of gin,” says Rebecca Smoyer DeLeon, bar manager of Checker Hall in Los Angeles. “So guests can have multiples while still being able to remember the event.”

Approach the French 75 as a rubric (spirit + citrus + sugar + bubbles) and tweak it to your preferences. Fruit juice provides citrusy sweetness in a Pineapple French 75, and sparkling apple cider stands in for Champagne in this autumnal twist.

On a Budget? Think Big

Large-format drinks check a number of practical boxes. They are easy to execute and cost-effective, often low ABV, and can be served family-style in pitchers or coolers.

“I recommend making big-batch containers of red and white sangria,” Brian Daigle, beverage director of The Kennison in Chicago, says. “It’s super inexpensive and incredibly easy to make at home in large quantities. Putting the sangria in self-serve containers with spouts removes waiting at the bar.”

“Punches are the best bang-for-your-buck wedding cocktail,” Wiznitzer says. For inspiration, consider the Bourbon Peach Punch, Blackberry Prosecco Punch, Campari Spring Punch, or the Black Currant Sparkling Punch (recipe below).

Drink by Color

Couples who select a color theme for their receptions can incorporate carefully chosen hues into their cocktails.

Reds and pinks show beautifully in this simple twist on a Gin & Tonic, spiked with pomegranate syrup or grenadine. Ditto peach and the Mandarin Margarita, yellow and the Duke Lemington, or light green and this Chartreuse and Tonic, which has the added benefit of being low-alcohol.

If the idea of serving Chartreuse to your straightlaced relatives leaves you feeling, well, green, might we suggest old-school Gin & Tonics, cheerily festooned with seasonal mint or rosemary?

At the end of the day, your guests are there to celebrate you, not dissect your signature cocktail colors and composition.

It’s a wedding! Everything else is just the icing on the cake.

Recipe: The Modern Savage

This Manhattan riff comes courtesy of Old Major restaurant in Denver. “This cocktail is beyond delicious and very easy to batch,” Gene Fereda, beverage director, says. The sarsaparilla bitters and choice of bourbon give it a subtle Southern drawl.


  • 1 ounce bourbon (Fereda prefers Old Forester 86)
  • ¾ ounce Nonino Amaro
  • ¾ ounce Cocchi Torino
  • 2 dashes sarsaparilla bitters


  1. Combine all ingredients.
  2. Add one ice cube, if serving right away.
  3. Stir rapidly with a chilled spoon.

Recipe: Black Currant Sparkling Punch

“We all know how weddings are full of toasts and celebration… it can be quite a long night,” says Nick Canteenwalla, bar manager of Honey Salt in Vancouver. The hard liquor in this punch is balanced by fresh fruit and juices and is topped with sparkling water (not Champagne) at service.

Houlihan’s Restaurant & Bar Coconut Kraken Cocktail Recipe

Make this Straight-From-the-Restaurant Houlihan’s Restaurant & Bar Coconut Kraken Cocktail Recipe at home. This Signature Restaurant Cocktail is a darker version of the super-popular Bahama Mama.

Holiday Hosting Secret: The Signature Cocktail

Serve a signature cocktail at your holiday bash to add a personal touch to your fete and show off your hosting savvy.

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2014, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Better Bartending

Make like the savviest of holiday hosts and serve a signature cocktail at your party rather than stocking a full bar. A display of prefilled glasses or a colorful punch bowl makes for a stunning drinks station and allows you to communicate a theme to your guests. (They'll never know how much money you saved.) Supplement your personalized drink with less pricey wine and beer.

Coal in Your Stocking Cocktail

Despite its name, this vibrant cocktail from Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark is more like a sippable gift. Dark, smoky whiskey and bitters are brightened by triple sec, candied citrus peels and a maraschino cherry –– like a fruitier take on a Manhattan.

Ginger Rum Shandy

Chuck Hughes spices up his shandy for the holidays by adding rum to the beer-and-fruit-juice classic combo. Apple juice and slices as well as both grated and peeled ginger give it a distinctly wintry-warm flavor profile.

Cranberry-Orange-Cinnamon Vodka Tonic

Spicy cinnamon vodka contrasts with citrusy orange in this surprisingly warm and spicy concoction. Muddled cranberries add an extra tangy punch and make for a visually appealing glass.

Lemon Raspberry Fizz

Limoncello –– the liqueur made by steeping lemon peels in vodka for a couple weeks –– is synonymous with celebration in Italian culture. Here, Giada De Laurentiis combines the tart beverage with Champagne (though any sparkling white will do) and berries for a bright, bubbly flute.

Chocolate Espresso Martini

Dessert? Pick-me-up? Knock-you-down? This drink, which combines complimentary espresso and chocolate, is sure to satisfy all three of those descriptors and add an indulgent punch to your holiday affair.

Spring-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Julio Cabrera of Cafe La Trova has had his share of accolades (including 2019 bartender of the year at the Spirited Awards), but they have never affected his devotion to marrying tradition with innovation. Of El Guayabero, Cabrera says, “I wanted to have a tequila cocktail to balance out our rum-heavy menu. It was inspired by the margarita, but we wanted to add some flavors that represent Miami and Cuba, which is why we used guava. Guava is very popular here on Calle Ocho, especially in the famous pastelito de guayaba. We named the drink after El Guayabero, the nickname for one of the most famous La Trova singers in Cuba. This drink has become one of the most popular cocktails at La Trova.”

Casa Noble Tequila Reposado
Cayenne Agave Syrup
Lime Juice
Guava Marmalade

In a shaker add 2 oz. Casa Noble Tequila Reposado, ¾ oz. cayenne-agave syrup, ¾ oz. lime juice, plus ¾ oz. guava marmalade. Add ice and shake for 10 seconds. Serve strained into a Tiki mug with crushed ice. Garnish with a guava and cheese “timbita” in a cocktail umbrella.

Photo credit, Michael Pisarri

The Surf Club Martini
The Surf Club, Surfside

“We want to achieve complex flavors by using simple ingredients,” says The Champagne Bar head bartender Valentino Longo, “[thus] creating different layers of preparation, where a guest may never know how much passion and attention goes into each layer, but they will surely taste it.” The Surf Club Martini is the bar’s signature sip and a twist on a classic 1884 Turf Club Martini, considered the grandfather martini as the first drink to mix gin and vermouth.

Cocchi Rosa
Pickle Juice

Combine 2 oz. gin or vodka (The Surf Club uses Fords Gin),1 oz. Cocchi Rosa, ¾ oz. sherry-infused maraschino cherry, and pickle juice (homemade juice made from Champagne vinegar, water, salt, sugar, gin, dry vermouth, pickle spices and juniper) into a glass. Bar spoon all of the ingredients. Garnish with an olive, lemon twist and homemade pickled onions.

Photo by, Douglas Friedman

Dabs & Daqs
Parched Pig, Palm Beach Gardens

In celebration of 4/20, Parched Pig mixologist Katy Ziegler Galluccio has created this whimsical CBD-infused cocktail. The Florida foraged lemon bay leaf syrup gives the drink hints of sweet allspice, and fresh citrus balances out this play on a classic daiquiri.

2 oz. starfruit-infused rhum agricole
1 oz. lemon bay leaf syrup
1 oz. fresh pressed lime juice

Lemon-lime flavored CBD oil
Dehydrated starfruit

Toss all ingredients in shaking tin, then double strain into cold stemmed glass, and garnish with dehydrated and torched starfruit. Add 4 to 5 drops of lemon-lime-flavored CBD and enjoy!

Photo credit by Katy Ziegler Galluccio

Bodega has now opened its doors in Fort Lauderdale on Los Olas. Similar to the Miami flagship location, this riverfront outpost is serving up Mexican street food with a sultry speakeasy to boot. You can create the speakeasy’s signature tequila-inspired cocktail right from home by following this recipe.

1.5 oz. of Herradura silver
0.5 oz. of Ilegal mezcal
2.25 oz. of pico mix (1 oz cucumber juice .75 oz jalapeño syrup .25 oz lime juice .25 oz cilantro)
1 dash of orange bitters
Cucumber swirl for garnish

In a shaker, combine the tequila, mezcal and pico mix into a shaker. Add in a dash of orange bitters and shake vigorously. Pour into a highball glass over ice, and garnish with a cucumber swirl.

Photo by Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

12 New Year's Cocktails for Your Midnight Toast

Clink glasses of these mixed drinks and champagne cocktails at your New Year's Eve party.

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Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

Photo By: Adam Rose ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Adam Rose ©2014, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Photo By: Stephen Murello ©Stephen Murello

Photo By: Matt Armendariz ©2013, Television Food Network, G.P. All Rights Reserved.

Remixed Champagne Kirs

Don't just pop champagne on New Year's Eve — kick things up with Thai-chile-and-raspberry-spiked vodka cocktails.

Orange and Raspberry Mimosa

Laura Vitale's mimosas have a double dose of juicy fruit with oranges and raspberries, and the pink hue makes a beautiful midnight toast.

Cranberry Kir Royale

Ruby-red cranberries make an ideal seasonal ingredient star for holiday cocktails. Tyler adds fresh orange juice and zest to his homemade cranberry syrup for a bubbly beverage that brims with sweet-tart flavor.

Orange Cream Mimosa

For a classier take on mimosas, use blood orange soda and white wine for a tart, sweet and easy sipping cocktail.


What are you toasting with at midnight? You could go with traditional bubbly, or try Giada's blissini, made with Prosecco, Italy's champagne.

Blood Orange Soda Sangria

For a classier take on mimosas, use blood orange soda and white wine for a tart and sweet, easy sipping cocktail.

Cranberry Prosecco Fizz

Rosemary isn't just a garnish in this fizzy cocktail — it adds an earthy flavor to sweet-and-tart cranberries.

Prosecco Gold Rush

Take your bubbly up a notch for the holidays with vodka and cinnamon schnapps.

Sparkling Wine Sangria

Break out of the New Year's champagne rut and make this sangria with Cava, Spanish sparkling wine. It's delicious and often less expensive than the French variety.

Meshugana Macaroon

Meshugana is the Yiddish word for "crazy," and Alie and Georgia's cocktail has all kinds of crazy coconut flavor. To make their sweet and stylish sipper, shake a mixture of coconut rum, coconut creme, vanilla-infused vodka and a teaspoon of egg white (for a bit of festive froth), then pour into a chocolate-rimmed glass.

Virgin Pomegranate and Cranberry Bellinis

For a family-friendly cocktail, whip up Giada's sweet-tart bellinis. You can always spike a batch for the adults.

Nini Bellini

Jamie Oliver loves classic Venetian Bellinis, even when fresh peaches are out of season. Just reach for canned ones during the winter!

Recipes for the Best Cocktail Drinks with Champagne

1. 70’s Traditional ‘Grand Mimosa’ Easy Champagne Cocktail

You need to mix ¼ oz of each of Grand Marnier and Drambuie with 1 oz orange juice and 3 oz champagne and serve in tall glasses over ice cubes.
[To make the ‘Cobbler Cocktail’, replace the Grand Marnier and Drambuie with Maraschino liqueur and orange juice.]

70’s Traditional ‘Grand Mimosa’ Easy Champagne Cocktail

2. Alcoholic French 75 Vodka Cocktail with Orange & Raspberry

This bright reddish-orange martini can match the mood of the fall/autumn & Thanksgiving parties.

Mix ¼ oz of each of triple sec orange liqueur, Chambord raspberry liquor, and raspberry vodka, along with a dash of simple syrup, in a pitcher. To this, add ½ oz of gin, champagne, orange and raspberry extracts (you can make this at home), each. Top with 1 tsp lemon juice and an orange swirl and serve.

Alcoholic Vodka Martini with Orange & Raspberry

3. Easy Bourbon & Champagne Italian Bellini Royale Cocktail

In a champagne flute, mix together the following ingredients: ¼ oz peach schnapps, white rum, bourbon whiskey and Calvados apple brandy, each, with 2 oz of each of peach nectar and chilled champagne. Finally, add 10-12 drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar from the top and garnish with a mint sprig. Now serve.
[For the ‘Champagne Mojito’, omit everything except the white rum and champagne, and add 2 tsp simple syrup, mints and lemon wheels, both lightly muddled.
To make the classic ‘Casablanca Cocktail’, leave out all the ingredients except the apple brandy and the champagne, and add a sugar cube soaked in orange bitters.]

Easy Bourbon & Champagne Italian Bellini Cocktail

4. Yellow French Kiss St. Germain & Elderflower Fruit Cocktail

This healthy, low-calorie drink is ideal for your romantic moments like Valentine’s Day. To make it at home, take a large champagne glass and throw in 3-5 mashed yellow Muscat grapes. To this, add 1 splash of each of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, kumquat juice, Galliano sweet herbal liqueur, pineapple juice (or any other fruit that yields a yellow juice like mango or pear), lime juice, tequila, white wine, and gin, each. Finally, add a small dash of each of Angostura bitters and Jägermeister digestif liquor. Transfer into a wide, old-fashioned glass and top with chilled champagne. Garnish with 2-3 crushed basil, ¼ tsp freshly crushed ginger and a slice of cucumber. Enjoy your drink.

Yellow-Kiss St. Germain & Elderflower Punched-Fruit Cocktail

5. Men’s Winter Holiday Champagne Party Quick-Cocktail

This drink will match with the spirit of men’s gatherings – especially bachelorette parties.

In a large punch bowl, mix 2 cups Malibu coconut rum, ½ a bottle of each of champagne and sweet vermouth, 1 cup lemonade (or any other fizzy soft/energy drink like ginger beer, Red Bull or Sprite), and lychee juice, each, with ¼ cup of each of lime cordial (or juice), Hennessy cognac and Disaronno. Add 2 cups of ice cubes and stir for a while again. Now strain into glasses and serve the crowd.

Men’s Holiday Champagne Party Quick Cocktail

6. Gin & Champagne-infused Pink Girly Party Cocktail

This cocktail is ideal for girls’ parties, like in the bridal or baby showers.

In a shaker, mix ½ tsp of gin with ½ oz Kirschwasser (Kirsch) fruit brandy, ¼ tsp Pernod Absinthe, Grenadine, Campari and Creme de Cassis black currant liqueur, each. Strain into a cocktail glass. Now add ⅛ cup grapefruit juice and ½ tsp lavender syrup or Funkin Rhubarb Syrup (whichever flavor you would prefer) to the mix, and fill the rest with rose champagne. Sprinkle a dash of rose water and garnish with a small tbsp of sherbet, and a chilled strawberry or pink rose petals.
[This will give add the desired pinkish hue to the drink. However, if you want to make a purple variation, you need to replace the black current with blue curacao liqueur.]

Gin & Champagne-infused Pink Girly Party Cocktail

7. Cranberry-Champagne Poinsettia Signature Christmas Cocktail

Not just Christmas, this bloody-red cocktail will do well for Halloween parties as well!

This is a signature drink for the Xmas. To make this, thoroughly combine 3 oz cranberry juice with ½ oz of Cointreau in a champagne flute. Fill the remaining with chilled champagne. Now serve.

Cranberry-Champagne Poinsettia Signature Christmas Cocktail

8. Mixed Red Fruity Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

This chilled, fruity, classic cocktail is a standard specialty drink for a spring or summer morning breakfast or for an afternoon brunch.

To make it, lightly stir mix ½ oz of each of Pallini Limoncello and Amaretto Almond Liqueur, 2 oz Champagne Brut and homemade blended pomegranate juice, each (you can also use any other red fruit like cranberry, strawberry, cherry or watermelon). Add a dash of grenadine from the top. To match with the red effect, you can garnish with mint and a hibiscus flower.

Mixed Red Fruity Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail

9. Champagne-Choco-Coffee Punched Mexican Summer Cocktail

Shake briskly for 30-40 seconds 1 tsp of corn syrup with 1 tbsp chocolate powder, 1 scoop espresso coffee ice cream, ½ oz Kahlua and Cazcabel Mexican coffee liqueur, ⅛ cup dry champagne, along with 1 cup crushed ice, until frothed up. Garnish with a pinch or two of chocolate or coffee powder.

Champagne Choco-Coffee Cocktail

10. Simple Aperol Champagne Cocktail for New Year

While you party hard in the New Year, you need to save time making the easiest drinks for your friends!

Just pour ½ oz of each of Aperol and yellow chartreuse in a champagne glass, and top off with ice-cold champagne. Decorate with a citrus wheel and serve your guests.
[For the ‘Kir Royale’ recipe, just replace the Aperol with chilled Crème de Cassis.]

Simple 2-ingredient Aperol Champagne Cocktail for New Year

While some of these yummy champagne recipes are the traditional and original ones, the others are unique and unusual. We tried to give you the best ideas to make them all right at home. So, don’t wait anymore. Just call your buddies and swoosh your champagne up in the sky!

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