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Beat eggs with sugar and oil. The flour is mixed with the baking powder and added to the eggs.

Grease the muffin tins with butter and cover with flour.

Put the composition up to the middle of the form and put it in the preheated oven 170ºC-12-15min. until lightly browned.

Syrup: Put the water with the sugar on the fire until it starts to boil and thicken a little. Extinguish and add the rum essence.

Remove from the mold with a sharp knife. Syrup while hot, then allow to cool.

Beat the whipped cream with the vanilla sugar. Using a knife, cut a lid from savarine.

We put the whipped cream with the help of a pastry syringe with a star tip. The lids can be greased with a little jam or put a "mot" of whipped cream and a cherry on top.

They must be refrigerated until served.

Good appetite!

Video: Cocinar Savarín! MasterChef México (January 2022).