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Desert pricomigdale

Desert pricomigdale

Mix the egg whites with the salt and when they start to take on volume, add the vanilla and powdered sugar, little by little. It mixes all the time.

When all the sugar is exhausted and the composition has the appearance of meringue, add the browned and ground walnuts, the almond flour and finally, the white flour.

Homogenize the composition and then add the almond essence. With a teaspoon, or with a spatula, put piles of composition in the tray in which baking paper was placed beforehand.

Decorate the almonds with almond flakes, or sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Place the almond tray in the preheated oven at low temperature and bake in the same way as the meringues (with the oven door ajar).

When the almonds have lightly browned, remove the tray from the oven and place on a plate. The same procedure is followed for the formation and ripening of the other almonds.


Use powdered sugar, which dissolves more easily and quickly.


Almonds are better if you use browned nuts


Homogenize the composition well, after you have gradually added all the ingredients.


The amount of almond essence can be decreased, or increased, depending on your taste.


In the oven, the almonds will grow a lot, so it is good that the piles of composition placed in the tray are smaller.


Leave a certain distance (about 3-4 cm) between the almond trees, so that they do not stick, when they grow and ripen.


Bake the almonds over low heat, as well as the meringues, with the oven door ajar. Otherwise, they will burn quickly (especially at the base) and may remain unripe.


Only lightly brown the almonds so that they do not dry out or burn.


The composition of almonds can be made easier, without mixing, by mixing the egg whites with: salt, vanilla and sugar, in a bain-marie (until the sugar dissolves). After that, the other ingredients are incorporated, and the composition is placed in the form of lumps in the baking tray.


It is best not to bake all the almonds at once, so that you can carefully monitor each tray.

Refreshing dessert with almonds, mascarpone and grapes

For starters, fry the walnuts a little, for a few minutes, in an oven tray. Then grind the roasted walnuts.
Meanwhile, prepare the cream. Beat the egg whites together with the sugar until you get one
hard foam / cream.
Leave the composition on the fire for 10 minutes, until it becomes hot. Then add the walnuts
ground and mix well. Remove the pan from the heat and add the rum and almond essences. Take from
composition a teaspoon and place it in the tray, in a round shape. Put the tray in the oven and let them bake
for 30 minutes.

500g Greek yogurt,
150g mascarpone cream,
4 pricomigdale,
a few grapes
In a bowl, mix the yogurt with the mascarpone cream. Put in two glasses an equal amount of
the mixture obtained, add a few pieces of almonds and a few grapes.
Serve the refreshing dessert and enjoy the remaining summer days.

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